The School for Music Vocations

The SMV (School for Music Vocations), in Creston, Iowa, is based out of Southwestern Community College.  It is the only 2-year vocational music program in the United States, earning students an Associate's Degree in Professional Music.


Although consideration for The School for Music Vocations at Southwestern Community College will be given anytime, prime consideration is given to those who audition by May 1 of each year for the following school year.

For all instruments including voice, we would like to hear the following prepared pieces:

  • One classical piece of any length (for vocalists, this might be an art song, lied, aria, musical theater piece, etc.)

  • One jazz (or pop) song in any style

  • Optional: a second jazz (or pop) song in a contrasting style.

Improvisation is encouraged--for vocalists, this means scat singing.

Additional things to note:

  1. It is preferred that all pieces be memorized. Please have an accompanist available, or bring a taped accompaniment.

  2. If you are a singer or instrumentalist, and can play a piece on the piano as well, we urge you to consider doing so, no matter what experience level you consider yourself to be on piano.

  3. Percussionists/drummers, bass players, pianists, and guitarists will be asked to play/comp over basic chord changes in a variety of styles including swing, bossa nova, samba, swing-shuffle, rock-shuffle, and straight eighth-note rock.

  4. Our in-person auditions are extremely user-friendly. Our intent is not to scare anyone, but rather to simply provide the chance for young musicians to demonstrate their potential. We want you to succeed!

  5. We prefer you audition in person by visiting The School for Music Vocations so that you might also sit in on a typical day of classes. To set up an audition, please contact Dr. Jeremy Fox or Lucas Mattson. However, in lieu of an in-person visit, we will accept a video performance addressing the above requirements. Videos may be emailed (with a corresponding message) to Dr. Jeremy Fox at Or an audition on digital media may be mailed to:

Southwestern Community College
The School for Music Vocations – Auditions
1501 W. Townline St.
Creston, IA, 50801

For any questions, please call Dr. Jeremy Fox at 641.782.1466.