The School for Music Vocations

The SMV (School for Music Vocations), in Creston, Iowa, is based out of Southwestern Community College.  It is the only 2-year vocational music program in the United States, earning students an Associate's Degree in Professional Music.


Curriculum & Degrees

The SMV’s curriculum and teaching methods are specifically designed to encourage creativity and

leadership and develop competencies in a range of musical styles. Through personal interviews

and testing, students are placed into the level of instruction and classes best suited to their career

objectives and prior musical training.


The SMV’s student typically completes an undergraduate degree in music education or performance at

a transferring institution. The SMV strongly encourages students to move this direction. Completion of

the SMV program ensures the student will be competitive in any academic or professional setting and will

have an ideal foundation for a successful music career.


Two-Year Course of Study for Associate of Applied Arts Degree in Professional Music

Courses / Credits

Music Theory    12

Jazz Piano         8

Vocal Arranging/Composition      4

Instrumental Arranging/Composition      4

Eartraining & Sightsinging      4

Recording Studio Performance      2

Studio Engineering/Producing      2

Psychology of Success     1

Conducting      2

Applied Piano      4

Applied Instrument/Voice      4

Recitals and Final Projects      4

General Education Requirements      15

College Experience      1

Music Electives*      2

Total Credits: 69



Option –  Associate of Arts Degree

Students may include up to 16 credits of coursework from the professional music

program to instead complete an Associate of Arts degree. This degree will transfer to most four-year colleges/universities in the United States and internationally.