The School for Music Vocations at SWCC

The SMV (School for Music Vocations), in Creston, Iowa, is based out of Southwestern Community College. It is the only 2-year vocational music program in the United States, earning students an Associate of Applied Arts Degree in Professional Music. Because of our unique status and curriculum, students from all around the world – different ages and experience levels – study at the SMV.


Living in the digital age, recording has become an essential part of every musician's training. At Southwestern, our students get outstanding training and opportunities in our state-of-the-art professional studio.

The spacious studio boasts one large recording room and three isolation rooms of various sizes, all self-contained and designed for sound isolation.  The main recording room houses a beautiful baby grand piano.  Outfitted with a DigiDesign 24 channel digital mixing console and a Digi003 digital audio interface, the ProTools 8 studio is well equipped to handle virtually every studio application, large or small, in any musical genre.  With our Roland G8 Fantom workstation, the studio is also fully MIDI functional.

The recording studio is also furnished with a separate home-studio setup.  In class, students work in the 8-channel ProTools/Logic 9 studio to record and produce professional quality music in a studio situation more comparable to what they might realistically own and operate themselves.

Students enjoy a selection of 16 different professional quality studio microphones, more than 30 microphones total, including AKG 414's, Neumann TLM 103's, and RODE NTK's, which are all widely considered some of the finest in the recording industry today.  With the excellent facilities and hands-on approach that the studio classes offer, students graduate with a solid foothold regarding the ins and outs of the recording industry.